New Web Build / 2016-05-30
  • Enhanced the Pro Matchup Tracker for a new dedicated Pro League page for both EU and NA regions. You will (or should if everything works) be able to check live results and various stats as they occur. These pages are synced for every new game played of a series and work about 5x as fast as the regular tracker.
    At the moment the following additional stats are available:
    • Teamstats: KD, KDA, Dmg/Death, Dmg/Min, Avg Game Duration, Maps Won/Lost by GameType, Total Score+- by GameType
    • Playerstats: KD, KDA, Dmg/Death, Dmg/Min
New Web Build / 2016-05-24
  • Fixed a bug that allowed to invalidate a match result and lead to an empty cache response
  • Added a feature to show manually generated series on the site
  • Railgun stats finally got added to the matchup report pages and are show in the total weapon stats now
  • Few optimizations & investigated on known bugs - Grenade Damage does however only return 0 damage from the API at the moment. Also, for new match results full match events are sometimes not returned correctly which will result in incomplete data shown for features that build on these events (kill trend graph, killfeed, ..)
New Web Build / 2016-05-20
  • CSR Leaderboards got added to the page. Leaderboards get refreshed every hour and do show Rank and CSR changes for the last day/6 hours/1 hour. Additionally the CSR progression for the Top X over the season is shown as is a list of the daily leaders with according CSR at the time. Furthermore i added a section that takes into account all ranked playlists for the selected season to show players making multiple leaderboards. If you are not lucky enough to make any of the Leaderboards i will try to add another feature to evaluate CSR ranges better soon.
    See the leaderboards here

  • It is possible to compare player/weapon/medal stats for different seasons now. You just need to select one of the previous seasons on the player profile page and it will add up to the compare list now as well as it works with viewing other players.
    Compare your values with other players stats or check against your own. How did your weapon usage change over the seasons?

  • For the Pro Tracking section a filter was added to the teamstats view to show online matchup results for the past 7 days/14 days or for all results since the tracker got reset. I will try to get some work done for the upcoming Pro League as well.
    Check the Pro Teamstats here

  • On the Match Results Page the Weapon Usage Box was adjusted to allow filtering by both weapon and player here as well. This way you can go back and forth and compare data more easily. I figure there is no need to show the profile link for every player there.

  • Tasks and Bugs
    • Improved rendering, performance and usability of player and match result pages
    • Fixed CSR (and change) not showing up for every ranked game
    • Fixed Infection related tasks (medals, scores, ..)
    • Several optimizations, adjustments and bug fixes

    If you face any problems on the website please let me know!

  • Last but not least i made a paypal donate link visible on the page. If you appreciate using this site and would like to support in order to help keep the services alive and me dedicated to implement new features please use the following button. Thanks for your support!


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The main goal for this site is to get useful and compehensible player stats, easy access to comparable match results and concentrates on the competitive parts and stats of the game.
Stats on the front page
Top Weapon Damage and Top Medal Stats are seasonal stats and get refreshed every new season.
To find a player/match in the highlight, the player/match must have been looked up. Last 25 Games (wins/kills/best kd) stats contain all playlists (also social) so it is just a stat to show off.
Match Result stats
Team & Player Details:
Assisted Kills: Number of Kills teammates helped to kill an enemy player. x1 = 1 Player assisted, x2+ = 2 or more Players assisted.
Assisted Deaths: Number of Deaths getting (at least) double-teamed.
Kill & Death Altitude: Total height difference for all kills/deaths between killer and victim. A positive value here means the player got totally into a higher map position than enemy players for the events happening.
Kill Feed:
- Medals shown for the kill/medal details in the kill feed are only the ones associated with the kill events.
- Kill Feed time: The API returns with a round start time which is somewhere around the loading screen. I try to calculate the correct timestamps to match the ingame time.
Player not found
If a gamertag changed you are not able to load the profile with the old tag any more. Some player profile links in leaderboards may contain old tags and therefore wont be retrievable.
CSR values on the page
CSR = Competitive Skill Rating. Designations are split into 6 groups (valid for Bronze till Diamond ranks) in steps of 50 CSR. eg: Platinum 1 = 900-949, Platinum 2 = 950-999, etc..
CSR CSR Designation
0-299 Bronze
300-599 Silver
600-899 Gold
900-1199 Platinum
1200-1499 Diamond
1500-(!Top200) Onyx
Top 200 Players Champion
Daily Season Graph
Player stats used for the graph are collected when a profile page is viewed. If a season lasts till the next month (like a switch on 3rd of the Month) the last day of the seasons month will be updated. Tracking started on 2nd of March 2016.
KDA Formula
The following formula is used to calculate KDA: ((Kills+(Assists/3))-Deaths)/Games Played.
G = Games played
D/G = Damage per Game
D/M, D/Min (for weapons) = Damage per Minute of Weapon possession time
D/Min (for playlists) = Damage per Minute of Playtime
K/G = Kills per Game
D/D = Damage per Death
Select to filter
Select to filter and click header rows to return the views.
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